Neck, Back, Sciatica and Sacroiliac Joint Pain

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Physical therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for neck pain, back pain, sciatica pain, and sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. Physical therapy treats pain in these areas in two ways: passive treatments using modalities and active exercises. During your evaluation by the physical therapist, they will determine the best plan of care for the patient and come up with a unique treatment plan using a combination of modalities and exercises.

We use a wide range of modalities to reduce pain and swelling such as moist heat and electrical stimulation(E-Stim) and soft tissue work and stretches to the target areas. We then provide instructions on therapeutic exercises designed specifically for the patient to improve flexibility and strengthening to the target areas. We also offer a significant amount of education in the forms of home exercise programs and handouts along with teaching you how to improve your movement in everyday life to help prevent re-injury. This allows for a greater continuity of care from the clinical setting to ensure better compliance and better results.

As your physical therapists, Walter and Vicki will be with you every step of the way.


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