Knees, Hips and Shoulders

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At Shull Physical Therapy Center we provide an individualized comprehensive approach to muscle and joint injuries and disorders. There are times when it appears you are going around in circles with your treatments with medication and injections to address your pain levels. With our physical therapy program we work with the treating physician and develop a plan of care that targets the involved problematic area and address it with pain reducing modalities that may include moist heat, cold treatments, electrical stimulation(the kind that athletes receive) and ultrasound heat treatment.

We also provide sports kinesio-taping to support those joints that are causing pain and discomfort throughout the day. We will also provide soft-tissue work such as massage and stretches to the involved muscles and joints to improve flexibility and reduce further limitations with movement of the targeted area. Best of all we provide instructions on appropriate therapeutic exercises and plenty of education on what’s going on with you and how physical therapy can help you achieve your goals.

You are closely supervised and monitored by the therapist and supportive staff at all times. You will get to know your physical therapists Walter and Vicki very well during your therapy program at Shull Physical Therapy Center. With both of their many years of physical therapy experience, you are sure to get the very best rehabilitation program available.

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