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Shull Physical Therapy Center is a private outpatient physical therapy clinic centrally located in Corpus Christi, TX. Over the past 18 years Shull Physical Therapy Center has worked hard to become one of the most sought after therapy centers in Corpus Christi.  Over the years our patients and clients have come to respect us as a leader in orthopedic rehabilitation, work injuries, postsurgical rehabilitation, balance and dizziness/vertigo disorders, lymphedema and swelling disorders, sports medicine, and fitness and wellness programs.

Our clinical expertise is achieved by continually honing our skills through continuing educational programs. Our therapists excel in rehabilitation of the spine, knees, shoulders and hips. Shull Physical Therapy Center provides an aggressive total joint replacement rehabilitation program in Corpus Christi for total hips and total knees. Our spine program for the neck and back is comprehensive providing you with the education as well as the home programs to insure a greater continuity of care from our clinical sessions. Our therapists will also work with children from the age of 6 and up and those with special needs – treatments focus on improving gross motor skills, balance and coordination, strength, endurance and adaptive equipment. Shull Physical Therapy Center’s vestibular rehab program helps patients with neurological disorders including – partial paralysis, poor balance, difficulty walking and loss of independence. Our specialty is the treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and neck related dizziness.

The goal of physical therapy is to return your body to full function after an injury. But for the group at Shull Physical Therapy Center, that’s not enough.
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Vestibular pt
The goal of physical therapy for vestibular disorders is to get the patient comfortable moving their head to reintegrate…


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Shull Physical Therapy Center offers comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy services that address musculoskeletal impairments…

Knees, Hips, Shoulders

At Shull Physical Therapy Center we provide an individualized comprehensive approach to muscle and joint injuries…

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